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​San Jose lawyer Andrew G. Marcellino is a trusted skilled advocate for your family law and criminal defense matters. He works hard to protect your rights and is a seasoned veteran of the courtroom as well as a tough negotiator, whether he is mediating custody issues, a property settlement or plea bargaining criminal charges.

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Call our San Jose law firm at 408-266-5291 or 408-891-2546 (en Español) to speak with us regarding your false accusations of domestic violence. You may also contact us online.

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Serving The Needs Of Those Falsely Accused Of Domestic Violence In Santa Clara County

Attorney Marcellino has more than a decade of experience helping people through charges of domestic violence. Many individuals in California make a critical mistake of attempting to represent themselves on these charges because they know them to be false. This is not wise. Even though you know that you did not commit any act of violence, the judge does not and can convict you and send you to jail. 

Obtaining guidance from a passionate and dedicated attorney is imperative to protect your rights. Not only will we guide you through the court system and strive to keep you out of jail, but we will also passionately protect your interests in your divorce, child custody and other related family matters. 

Have you been falsely accused of spousal or child abuse? Even if you know you did not commit these acts of domestic violence, it is critical to seek the counsel of an experienced lawyer immediately. These charges, even if completely made up, can greatly impact your rights in a divorce and/or child custody battle. They can also impact your future and your freedoms should you be convicted.

At the Law Offices of Andrew G. Marcellino, we understand how certain individuals will use false domestic violence allegations to get revenge or to gain an upper hand in family law matters. Contact our law firm to speak with a knowledgeable attorney regarding your domestic violence accusations in the San Jose area. 

False Allegations of Domestic Violence

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